The Real Woman and Her Purpose

dawn-nature-sunset-womanA lot of times, ladies ask me how to discover their purpose and fulfill it. They go like ‘I have been trying to know my purpose, I just can’t figure it out’. Well, the first question I ask is ‘how is your spiritual life?’. I’m indirectly asking how is your spirit man doing? Have you paid attention to the development of your spirit. Fufilling purpose is very easy when you have identified it. Knowing your purpose starts with knowing God. It is in God you find out who you are and what He has wired you to do.  God is a Spirit according to John 4:24, If you would hear Him speak, it is with your spirit, not your soul nor your body. Spirit fellowship with spirits, just as deep calleth unto deep.

A lot of us get busy with ‘what’ when we haven’t answered the question ‘who’.  ‘Who’ is a question of your identity, ‘what’ is an answer to your purpose. ‘Who’ ought to come before ‘what’. If an unknown person visits your house for the very first time and knocks on your door, if you are home, the first question you’ld ask from inside is ‘ who is there?’, thereafter, you’ld ask ‘what do you want?’

The purpose of God is encoded in your spirit, Holy Spirit who dwells in your spirit faculty unveils it daily and brings you to the awareness of what God has preordained your spirit to do. Ephesians 2:10- we are His (God) workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which GOD PREPARED BEFOREHAND, that we should walk in them. God won’t just fabricate a purpose for you know, He has done that a long time ago, even before you were born. If I have the intention of eating beans, I’ll just go ahead, pick it and make it. Your purpose for living has been preordained even before you were made and born into the family of God.
There is a general saying that if you want to know the function of a product, ask the producer. Your spirit is born of God, in order to know what He has been made to do, you need to ask God.  Holy Spirit has been given for one of these beautiful reasons, to make your communication with God effective. God relates to your spirit by the Holy Ghost. Romans 8:14- For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.

Purpose is a life journey, even if you knew everything at once, fulfilling it has to be one step at a time. For me, all the great and wonderful things I have ever done that I would tag purpose were instructions I received while fellowshipping with God. I remember when the Lord would have me start the God Seekers,( God Seekers is a teaching ministry the Lord told me to start in Ilorin in 2015, but eventually started in 2016).  I wasn’t in a special fasting and prayer, it was during my devotion one morning, I wasn’t even looking out for some kinda sign, was just longing for God. I have always desired to know Him more daily, so the instruction came like every other one I have always received. If my spirit has not been trained on how to hear or pick instructions, or how to tarry in His presence during prayer and study, I would not have been able to discern what God would have me do then. So really, purpose starts with knowing God. I will share some of my experiences in the next post.
The problem is not about knowing or fufilling purpose, the main thing is getting to know God, develop your spirit daily to get acquainted with her maker, develop your spirit to be able to hear God and receive instructions from Him, understand your identity through the study of God’s Word. This way, discovering purpose will be a lot easier. Maintain a fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He will lead into the path of purpose fufillment.


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6 thoughts on “The Real Woman and Her Purpose

  1. This is truly a word in season. An older woman called me out today and was talking about marriage and she made a statement – that marriage is ultimately our purpose and I smiled. Not because I’m married or I agreed with her but because I didn’t panic, because I knew and I said it within me that that is not my ultimate purpose

    We usually know this fact but then the panic sets in when we start to think, so what is this purpose? I’m learning daily to walk as He leads me and not try to rationalize the process.

    Thanks for this word! God bless you ma.

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