Few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit gave me an instruction to join evangelism unit, well, I didn’t understand why, I just obeyed. I’ve always been in choir, not really worked in other service departments as much. I do evangelism personally, I preach in buses, cabs, and other places. But this time, the approach was different, I had to learn newer and better ways. This is not the highlight.

We met some people and asked if they were born again, they said yes, we asked how, they said through believing and confessing the Lordship of Jesus. We also asked about their spiritual life and they were like, they are trying their best. And then, we popped up this question: are you righteous? And they were like, ‘NO ooo, no one is righteous, I’ld be lieing if I said I am’. These are the sect I coined the title from, ‘the unrighteous Christians’. The greatest challenge in christainity today is ignorance. The desire of God for you is to be saved and to COME TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH( 1Timothy 2:4). Many Christians are saved but void of knowledge, some have wrong knowledge which is worse than ignorance itself but my prayer is that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened so that you can know your identity in Christ, don’t be rigid. Submit yourself under the Word and let Him change you. Christianity is not just going to church or being in a service department, it is a personal relationship with God.

There is no such thing as an unrighteous Christian. Ask me why? Righteousness means right standing with God, it is the NATURE of God. In the beginning, we became sinners  not because we sinned but because  Adam sinned. Romans 5:12- Therefore just as THROUGH ONE MAN, SIN ENTERED the world and death spread through sin and thus death spread TO ALL MEN, because ALL SINNED. We inherited sin nature from Adam. That was why David said, ‘IN SIN, I was conceived, in sin, my mother gave birth to me’ he was talking about that Adamic nature. After this , men had no right stand with God, although they tried to please Him with their works but since their nature were corrupt, they were unacceptable before Him. God called this type of righteousness filthy rag (Isaiah 64: 6). This is the first type called Self righteousness. God accepts a man’s nature before He accept his works. So God had to deal with our nature, so that our actions can now proceed from a good fountain within, He gave us His own righteousness, this is the second type called – God’s righteousness.

There is such a thing called THE LAW OF ONE FOR ALL, because we were included in the first Adam’s sin, GOD decided to send another  ADAM(The Lord JESUS) , to save mankind from sin. Christ came and died for our sins, He died to sin once and for all, He condemned sin in the flesh, HE was made sin. Just the way we were included in ADAM’S sin, we were also included the works of Christ. Just the way we were made sinners through the first ADAM, we were also MADE RIGHTEOUS through the Lord Jesus.

When a man believes and confess the Lordship of Jesus, the sin nature is removed, and the righteousness nature is now  imputed into his spirit, his spirit comes alive, into fellowship with God. Righteousness is a gift, it is not worked for, just the way we inherited sin nature through the first Adam, we also inherited righteousness nature through the last Adam(Jesus). 2 Cor 5:21- For He hath MADE HIM to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that WE MIGHT BE MADE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of God in Him.

So you see, we were made righteous, just the way we were made sinners. Romans 5:19- For as by ONE MAN’s DISOBEDIENCE, many WERE MADE SINNERS, so also, by ONE MAN’s obedience, many will BE MADE RIGHTEOUS. Righteousness is our identity, it is in Christ that we enjoy this benefit.

There is no such thing as being an unrighteous Christian, the moment you believed, God imputed that righteousness into your spirit. We ended up explaining to these folks and by the time we were done, we asked if they were righteous, now, they affirmed it, not because we said so but because The Scripture said so. Read Romans 5:12-21





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